Central & Local announcement control system

Central & Local Announcement Control System

About This Product

CALAC is a Central Announcement and Local Announcement Control System designed for Railways. The CALAC System has two main units: one Located at the Headquarters and the other located at Station. The Headquarter System communicates with the Local Announcement system at various stations through a special control link placed between them. The Station system controls the Local announcement of the station also coordinating with the Headquarter system through the Control link.



The CALAC System contains the following equipment sets with the various components included in it.
a) Headquarter Equipment Set

  • Central Announcement Panel (CAP)
  • Central Announcement Panel Terminal (CAT)
  • Control Power Supply (CPS)

b) Waystation Equipment Set

  • Station Announcement Panel (SAP)
  • Station Announcement Panel Terminal (SAT)
  • Amplifier Monitor Unit (AMU)
  • Announcement Panel Supply 24V (APT)

c) Channel Extension Set

  • Channel Extension Equipment (CEE)
  • Announcement Panel Supply -48V (APF)
  • Announcement Panel Supply 24V (APT)




  • Table model for Central Announcement Panel (CAP) & Station Announcement Panel (SAP) with the PC, Tape and Microphone.
  • Provision made for connecting central announcement control telephones in both CAP & SAP based on DTMF signaling.
  • Front panels of CAP & SAP have Pushbuttons for selection of Input Type, Amplifier Channel selection, Speaker selection and Volume or Mic-gain control.
  • LED indicators and LCD Display for displaying related information.
  • LEDs for visual indication to show the current status of CAP & SAP.
  • Patching and Un-Patching options available at CAP to control transmission of announcement to the Local Public Address system of the station.
  • Spying option at the headquarter unit in order to barge on the output transmitted on the Local speakers of the SAP.
  • Detection of failure of Power amplifier by Feedback mechanism in Amplifier Monitor Unit (AMU).
  • Different types of programming modes available in CAP & SAP to configure Gain, Ring Duration, ID, etc.


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Central & Local Announcement Control System


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