Door Alarm System

Door Interlocking & Alarm System

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The door locks are the primary type of access control devices used to control the entry of a person to a secure area. The door interlocking is composed of 2 doors that are electrically interlocked in such a way that the doors cannot be opened simultaneously. These door locks can be used in houses and also in offices. Pelorus offers Door Interlocking & Alarm System integrated with Biometric system which is one step ahead in terms of maintaining security.


The Door Interlocking & Alarm system comes with high quality scratchproof fingerprint scanner that sustains for a long time and has a damage sensor. It is provided with a manager software which can manage specified number of the access which can be decided as per your requirement. The software reports logs of in time, out time, user id, date, etc. which can be stored for specified time period or saved for future use. Various new and enhanced features like power saving mode are also incorporated in today’s systems.


We can help you secure your organisation.


Decide your Access Control System based on these mechanisms –


Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

The owner of the resource can give access rights on that resource to other users based on his discretion.


Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

In this Model, users/owners do not enjoy the privilege of deciding who can access their property. The system is the decision maker overriding the user’s wishes.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

In this model the access to a resource is governed based on the role that the subject holds within an organization.




  • Secured environment

Biometric systems are stronger authentication methods as compared to keys, cards or PINs as these are based on a factor that is unique to an individual.


  • Remote Monitoring and Controlling facility

Use of high end technology in these systems and integration with internet facilitates remote monitoring and controlling features.


  • Professional approach

The whole idea of automated access of your workplace with sophisticated methods gives a professional outlook about the organisation.


  • Regulatory compliance

Provides infallible security to organisations that deal with sensitive information and products are meant to comply with regulatory norms.


  • Detailed Reports

The systems are inbuilt with tools for generating detailed reports which are customizable and flexible as per your requirements.


  • Easy Integration and Analysis

The systems are robust enough to integrate with other systems and help in analysis of the data generated for taking relevant actions.


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