Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm

Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm

About This Product

FOMA (Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System) is integrated RTU (Remote Test Unit). Center Monitoring Server and its management software helps to achieve integrated operation, remote management, unattended monitor, periodic fiber scan, predictive analysis and support the instant fiber with status information and alarm warning, accurate of long-term fiber data record.
In simple words, it, is a device made to continuously monitor multiple fibers for deficiency or lack of health.




The monitoring mechanism could be understood in two parts, namely, on-line monitoring and off-line monitoring.


  • On-line monitoring

This is used to monitor optical fibers that are already in use. They are sending messages and we need to monitor their functionality without hampering or distorting the message. This is done by sending test wavelength which interferes with the operating wavelength and before the end point using a filter to filter the test wavelength. On-line monitoring is to put a splitter in the route and separate 3~5% of the light to get the data.


  • Off-line monitoring

This is used to monitor the optical fibres that are not sending any message or back up fiber. So the test wavelength is the only operating wavelength and no messages are distorted.




  • Automatic monitoring system with software and hardware integration.
  • Pre-alarm and early treatment to avoid event spread.
  • Fiber Long-term of alarm warnings
  • Design-On- Demand concept to increase hardware to customer demand.
  • Slot plug-in related to promote the expansion and repair method.
  • Multi-function testing, damage analysis, record, print, query and alarm.
  • Easy integration with existing GIS system and its database.
  • Centralized network architecture to reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  • Multiple tests are pre-synchronized in this like periodic test (which occurs in regular time intervals, say every 10 minutes), specified test (which occur as and when the user sends the commands), and alarm test (used to find out the specific point of rupture/bend/loss of health).




  • It is used to find the faults and loss in power transmission in a fiber.
  • It can find the exact location of fault making it easy to repair or replace.
  • It alarms the user when the fiber degrades also, not waiting for it to be completely faulty. In this way, the fiber can be rectified and avoid any major losses..
  • It even helps improve the life of an optical fiber.


Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm

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