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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

About This Product

An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. It is used for testing the integrity of fiber optic cables by verifying splice loss, measure length and find faults.




  • It sends pulses of light into optical fibers at a wide range of pulse widths.
  • It analyze the little amounts of light reflected back to them from faults in the fibers.
  • It then uses complex computations to determine the losses and distance to events encountered in the fiber.




  • Dynamic range, varied distance accuracy, measurement range, dead zones and sampling resolution to meet all the requirements of a user.
  • Various sizes – Full Feature / Hand Held / Miniature.
  • Ease of use – Portable / Ultra-Portable / Light / Compact.
  • Built-in Power meter / Bluetooth OTDR to Display the traces on other devices like PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.
  • Variable costs and various brands depending on the user’s budget.




  • Create a ‘picture’ of newly installed fiber optic cable to compare at a later stage in case of any problem.
  • Test long and short fiber cables (10m to 150km or more than 150km) and confirm the quality of fibers. Also shows the loss at connectors and splices.
  • It also shows end of the fiber, location of connectors splices.
  • OTDR is extremely useful to find out faults in all types fiber network like FTTx, CATV, Optical LANs whether it is break or imperfections, etc.


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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

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